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Clinical Laboratory Services

Clinical laboratory services are tests provided by a medical lab that aid in diagnosis and treatment of patients. There are many types of clinical laboratory services, including:

  • blood count
  • urinalysis
  • cholesterol tests
  • hemoglobin tests
  • spinal fluid analysis
  • liver function tests
  • immunology and allergy testing
  • diagnostic testing
  • transfusion medicine
  • pathology, and
  • therapeutic drug monitoring

If you anticipate a high volume of analysis or lack the necessary budget or space to procure the necessary instrumentation to perform your own tests, than you may want to consider soliciting a clinical laboratory service. Clinical laboratory services may vary from lab to lab, so if there are specific tests needed, it is best to determine where they are available. Looking for a service that can accommodate all of your testing needs will allow a one-stop shop for your diagnostic requirements.